About Us

eXlander Designs was founded in 2007 by Paul Strickland Jr, who has been building websites since 2001. eXlander currently specializes in designs of all nature. From websites and hosting to business documents and apparel, we do it all. We take every order very seriously, no matter the size. From big to small, every order is important to us. We want to make sure that every customer gets exactly what they want.

Much of the profits from eXlander Designs is put back into racing; both the Sim Racing Community as well as Real Racing. We've sponsored many Sim Racing drivers in the past and present such as Jon Adams, Allen Krier, Jeremy Hughes, Paul Strickland Jr, and NASCAR iRacing DWC driver, Josh Parker.

eXlander Designs has also made many real racing sites for drivers all over the United States such as Nate Monteith and Blake Jones; as well as a few side projects for NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver, Landon Cassill.

Paul Strickland Jr

Age : 22
BOD : October 11, 1988
Born : East Hampton, CT
Lives : Middletown, CT

Paul Strickland Jr has been building websites since 2001. Paul's very first site was built with the now inactive Geocities web builder, at the time, offered by Yahoo.

From there, Paul went over to Dreamweaver to build sites in mostly HTML, using the WYSIWYG editor to simply double check his work. After years of practice. Paul moved on to desiging bigger and better things. When Photoshop was first introduced to Paul, the sites started to really take on a new shape.

Currently, Paul's favorite style of website to build is something that is first designed on paper, imported into Photoshop and designed, then coded into Dreamweaver.