eXlander Designs does everything needed to change a website from an idea into a reality. All we need to know is roughly what your looking for, and we can make it happen! We design, build, code and host the site for a very reasonable price. If needed, we can also promote and maintain your website for an additional cost.


As well as websites, eXlander Designs also deals with non-electronic documents. Need to make your business or team look more professional? Why not use some custom made letterheads, business cards and brochures to stick out over your competition. Any and all business needs can be taken care of by eXlander. We even do resumes!


What better way to get noticed than a custom t-shirt with YOUR logo on it? Why not have a hat and sweatshirt to match? We can do any design from simple to involved. Any design you want done we can do. We currently do not print our own apparel.

Promotion and more!

eXlander is also involved in a lot of promotion around the world. We are more than happy to work with you in making sure your message gets heard; whether it's by advertising with a video commercial or if it's teaming up with a real racing or sim racing team; you'll know people are listening.

Don't limit yourself to what you see here. If you have an idea that looks good on paper, feel free to contact us! If it can be done, we'll make it happen!